Thought of the month
“I wish you would realize that the destiny of our beloved land is not in us, the parents, but in our children”
–Mahatma Gandhi
Admission open for 2017-18 session  

Little’s Pinnacle (Kindergarten)

The most important period of a child’s life is the period from birth to the age of 6 Years. Dr. Montessori wrote, “At no other age has the child greater need for intelligent intervention and any obstacle in this age that impedes his creative work will lessen the chance he has of achieveing perfection”. Children learn while playing, we nurture our children into learners who are tough in sprit but flexible in mind, shaping their ambitions to reach at the pinnacle in an abundantly joyful, liberal and boundary less ambience.
School timings:

Summers – 8.00a.m-12.00p.m Winters – 8.30a.m-12.30p.m