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St. Paul’s International School

St. Paul’s International School is working under the aegis of Anchal Educational Society and Gyanmanthan Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Gyanmanthan is an educational consulting and management company that provides transformational educational services to schools and other places of learning in North India, including the start-up of new schools and the continuous improvement of existing schools.

As St. Paul’s International School, our practice is to open the world of knowledge to students is such a way that it’s not just engaging and interesting but easy to grasp and encouraging. Through a friendly environment, we always attempt to develop keenness in our students that inclines them to discover, explore and experience, an unending desire to learn.

A classroom is not merely a space created with benches and boards, with children and teachers indulging into a bookish session, rather it’s learning environment full of enthusiasm children own in their hearts, a place where lessons of education are delivered along with life’s existence.


  • Thought of the month

    “I wish you would realize that the destiny of our beloved land is not in us, the parents, but in our children”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Admission Open for
    2018-19 session


Principal's Desk

At St. Paul’s International School, we believe in forming deep roots of our students along with a set of strong wings that provide them...

Our Vision

We will ensure to all our students "Freedom to Evolve". Our vision is to enlighten our students with the freedom to think, act and accomplish...

Our Mission

We are dedicated to fulfill every child’s educational & developmental needs in a safe & caring environment conducive to learning...

Young Doers

While the Primary student graduates to Middle level the teachers engage them in stimulating projects and exchange, which weave them together with one another through technology. Our virtual classrooms are always abuzz with activities, as teachers and students together undertake enterprising and intrepid journeys of explorations and discovery.